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Investors Campaign


It offers investors:

ViñetaRented by our company to provide
the investor an income from day of purchase,
with returns that can exceed 5% 
Viñeta Purchase prices very interesting for future 
evaluation of long-term housing.
Viñeta Concerns ZERO.

¿Need more information?

Call us or send us an (+34) 981.84.16.47
mail to
and resolve all your doubts.

Have questions?

1º) Why Baldomero Fariña Group?

  • Because in your portfolio manages over 100 properties 
  • To investors because it provides knowledge and experience in such management. 
  • Because the investor will be concerned only to verify that your account has entered the rental. 
  • Because behind the construction of our homes is an exclusive dedication to the construction and promotion of more than 35 years of experience.

2 º) The tenant leaves the house, that cost will have to ask Baldomero Fariña Group for the completion of contract document and manage the keys in his office.

None, if you purchase one of our homes under the investment form this service has no cost.

3 º) The tenant has left the house, that cost will have to ask Baldomero Fariña Group to re-market housing for rent.

If you want Fariña Group Baldomero rent back your home the cost of this service will be one month's rent.

4 °) The tenant has left the house What cost would ask Baldomero Fariña Group to review the housing?

None. If you purchase one of our homes under the investment form this service is free.

Our company will conduct a review of the home informing him of the things that we think should be solved, painting a room, buy a new table because it is broken ...

Baldomero Fariña Group will handle all the work from calling the companies, escort them to the house to analyze the work done, review the budgets are as tight and finally inform the budgets provided.

5 º) Why buy Fariña Group Baldomero if I found something cheaper similar home?

Because we offer the security you need for an investment as important:

  1. Baldomero Fariña Group offers quality and price but above all and we believe that the most important is that we are here to provide a solution to any problems that may arise after the purchase of your home.
  2. The security provided your home is managed and leased by a company that has a portfolio of over 100 leases.
  3. We continued advertising in different media.


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