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How to buy a home in Spain: 
The registration of property

Once we signed the deed of sale and mortgage lending, and already paid

Registration in the Land Registry is necessary for the buyer is fully protected in the law that has acquired and can get a mortgage.

taxes, there is still a last step, which involves the registration of the right we have gained in the Land Registry.This registration is necessary to:

  • The buyer is fully protected in the law that has acquired, for only if the right part in the registry: 

    • Will be considered only true owner until declared otherwise in a court ruling. It is protected from creditors of the seller. 

    • Be protected against hidden charges that could affect housing. 

    • You may obtain judicial protection of their rights in case it is disputed by others or disturb his possession. 

    • Once you have entered your right, no one can effectively acquire any rights to your home without first obtaining your consent. 

  • That the buyer can obtain a mortgage loan with which to finance the acquisition of housing, since only if the buyer registers its property right may register the mortgage bank that guarantees the repayment of the loan. 

  • Furthermore, once the registration has been made in the Register, it communicates to the Land Registry the change of ownership of housing, so that the next bill of Property Tax 
    Real is already turned to the buyer

Who manages 

To be able to join the right of ownership in the Land Registry, it must be filed in the Registry Office in whose territory the property acquired:

  • Authorized copy of the deed of sale.
  • Self-assessment tax form showing that the entry was made of self-assessed amount.
  • Last receipt of IBI, in order to be entered in the Register the cadastral reference of the house.
The filing of such documents may be
  • Directly by the buyer.
  • For an agency.
  • By the notary, if you provide management services.

In any case we need to know that once submitted the document in the Register, the registration shall be performed within fifteen working days. Registration made later by the registrar will produce a tariff reduction of thirty percent without prejudice to the application of appropriate sanctions regime. The registrar will verify that the contract has been concluded with all requirements established by law to have full effect and can access the Register property rights of the buyer, and if you understand that the document has a defect that prevents registration (defects Thus, lack of ability of the parties, lack of alignment with the contents of the registry, etc..), there will be a reliable way to notify the presenter of the document and the attesting notary.

Defects may be remedied precious or, if you do not agree with the rating of the registrar, may be requested rating review by the registrar, according to a regulation approved box, replace those described, without prejudice to the foregoing, may submitted the relevant application to the Directorate General of Registries and Notaries or negative feedback directly challenged before the Court of First Instance of the provincial capital for the place where lies the house. 


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