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How to buy a home in Spain: 
Looking adequate housing

Probably the most difficult in the process of purchasing a home is choosing the right home. This requires asearch stopped, and so:

Para realizar una buena elección de nuestra vivienda es preciso COMPARAR las posibilidades del mercado, RECONOCER las carac- terísticas físicas de la vivienda y AVERIGUAR su situación jurídica.

COMPARE the different possibilities offered by the market.

RECOGNIZE in detail the physical characteristics of housing.

IN ANY EVENT, before signing any contract or pay any sum of money, we will:

  • 1. - To examine the physical characteristics of housing 
    This requires carrying out a personal visit to the home being offered for sale, going to see her, checking to match the offer, the quality of its materials, the state of its facilities, its degree of conservation, brightness, views , enjoying the environment, noise, access to transportation, etc.. Any difficulties, please so inform the seller, or agency staff to show you the house, and if not convinced by his explanations yourself accompanied by a professional (architect, surveyor). 
    When the first information on the home you can buy it from brochures, you must consider: 

    • The buyer may require the seller of services, facilities, and payment included in the offer, promotion and advertising of housing, but not be recorded in the letter of the contract is signed later. 

    • Companies that carry out activities ofer ta, promotion and advertising of housing should be available to the public the following information: 
      • The name, business name, address and, where appropriate, the data entered in the commercial register of the seller. 
      • General map of the location of housing and level of the home itself, as well as description and design of electrical networks, water, gas, heating and security thereof, and the fire safety measures available to the property. 
      • Description of the house with an expression of their floor space, and general description of the building that is, common areas and ancillary services. 
      • Reference materials used in construction of housing, including acoustic and thermal insulations insulation, and building and common areas and amenities. 
      • Instructions on the use and maintenance of facilities that require some type of action or special knowledge and the evacuation of the building in an emergency. 
      • Identification details of the registration of property in the Property Registry, or expression of not being enrolled in it. 

      • Total price of housing and service accessories and method of payment. 
  • 2. - Check the status of housing 
    For detailed housing that we must acquire not only visit, but it is also essential to know what their legal status, ie find 
    • Who owns, and therefore who or who their owners. 
    • If there are charges or encumbrances on it, ie if there are mortgages, 
      liens or other charges related thereto.
    • If there are tenants or owners thereof. 
    • If you are subject to a special scheme, as with subsidized housing. 
    • In case of an apartment community owners pro, if you are current on payment of community fees. 
    • If she has paid for the Property Tax, the former urban tax. 
    • In the case of new homes being built or, if hired by the developer insurance to cover damages that may result from structural defects of the building. 
    • In the case of subsidized housing (VPO), or VPT Priced price), if there is a ban on on it, or if there are rights of first refusal and withdrawal for Public Administration. 
    • For such circumstances we have to lead the LAND REGISTRY, in which the property is registered.The information we apply ourselves, or we can do it for the seller, the estate agency, or an administrative manager. In any case, the registration information will be requested before submitting or signing any contract amount. Let's see how to apply for registration information:
      • The information may be requested in any of the registries of property in Spain with a request 
        • Personally
        • By fax
        • By mail
        • By Email 
      • Information may also be requested through the website of the Association of Registrars, from the same address of the beneficiaries, who shall forward the information via email. Obtaining this simple note, has a charge of 9 € in the credit card.Consumers in the Service of the College of 

        One way to obtain registration information is to ask a simple note, which includes the essential circumstances concerning description, domain and loads the property.
        Registrars, call toll free 900 10 11 41, on the website as well email may obtain information about the area in which records are the different streets cities and towns, addresses, phone and fax numbers of the records, and their email addresses and generally speaking any other question of registration status. The registration information may be obtained as: Nota simple information, including the description of the house, the same situation, area, schedules, share in the pro piety horizontal administrative regime that may affect you (if it is a public housing), mortgages that they can tax it, stating the mortgage liability for principal, interest and costs, and term of duration, liens, easements, any disputes over ownership, fiscal conditions and in general any circumstance that affects to home ownership. You can also collect any other data which ex pressly record requested by the applicant. The briefing note is only informational so that may not be used at trial to justify the existence of charges in or charges without prejudice to the responsibility of the registrar for the damage caused by errors and omissions on his expedition endured. Certification of ownership and charges, which may have a broader content than the simple note, as may include, if requested and justified an interest in it, the literal reproduction of the inscriptions, or information about no current history of the farm. As a public document, signed by the registrar, certification will prove at trial, and third parties, freedom or charges of a given farm. You can also request the registrar a written form in about the registration status of the property. 
      • Or ask the registrar verbal advice, since it is required to report verbally issues the registration status of the farms, which in all cases advice is free, and the registrar must spend at least two hours daily. In any case it must be borne in mind that the information 
        tion registration is provided in accordance with the provisions of the Law on Protection of Personal Data. 
        In addition to consulting the housing situation in the Register, the seller must provide us with certain documents, which in any case we must require: 
        • The certified copy of the deed in which the acquisition was formalized in the case of resale properties. The receipt of the payment resulting from the last installment of the Property Tax, ie, the former urban contribution.
        • A certificate issued by the president of the homeowners or by the secretary of the housing showing that we acquire is current in the payment of community fees. The formal expression of public documents, there are no liens on the property you are going to acquire leases.
        • In the case of home ownership by foreigners can come into play legislation on national defense. The restrictions apply only to non-EU citizens, whether or not resident in Spain and are given in the cases of procurement determined.

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