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How to buy a home in Spain: 
The costs generated by the purchase of a home

Buying a home generates a series of cost to the buyer, sometimes not

knows why or who are paid, and appreciably increase the down payment to be made to acquire housing.Therefore be distinguished:

Who do I pay?

  • The seller, the purchase price of housing. Where before the execution of the deed we have given a deposit of money, or we have given a signal, the amount will be deducted from the amount payable at the time of signing the contract. It may be that to ensure that the sale be completed, has entered into an earnest money contract, and for that we have given an amount to the seller. In such event, such amount is deducted 
    price to pay to the firm, taking into account that if the buyer decides not to buy, you will lose the amount, and that if the seller who backs out, you must return the amount doubled. 

  • A Real Estate Agency. It is important to note that those who must pay their service is that part that has contracted. Therefore, if 
    the seller 

    Buying a home generates a range of costs for the payment to the seller, the estate agency, the notary, managers and the Land Registry.
    which has contracted with the Agency, as usually happens, it may require the fee the seller and the buyer never. Receive appropriate fees to the estate agent only vest if the sale actually takes place. 

  • The notary. The notary fees charged by the corresponding fee for the approval of the deed of sale and mortgage. It is important to know that by law, payment of such fees is for the seller, as they relate to the authorization of the writing, and the buyer, as they relate to the issue of copies of the script. The buyer will only 
    pay all fees of the notary if they expressly agreed with the seller. The amount of attorney fees is set by its tariff or rate regulation. 

  • For managers, the amount of management services for the event have been hired. It is very important that we demand the submission of original invoices issued by the notary and the registrar, and the letter of payment of taxes, so that we know how much we pay for each service. 

  • At Land Registry we will pay the amount of the fees for the extension of the registration of our law and, if they have been agreed, the amount of the fees for the registration of the mortgage. The amount of registration fees is set by a tariff or rate regulation, to the user in each registry office.Before you make any payment required the submission of invoices with a breakdown of related concepts, VAT, and tax identification number and identity of who issues it. In the case of those issued by notaries and registrars, if you disagree with the items for which you are charged, or quantities, will have recourse against them in the terms established by fixing its tariff rules. 

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